Shotcut Full List Of Features page_amazing_and_some questions

Hello, Thank you for this amazing program! I couldn’t resist posting a link to this page when I just decided to browse this Full List of Features page again. Wow, Shotcut can do a lot. What great software.

One question I have as I browse the features page that i don’t understand.
Does anybody know what this line means, and how to use this feature:

At Editing Features section
“Load and play complex MLT XML file as a clip”
That sounds interesting, but not sure how to explore that.

Thanks for any ideas.

“MLT XML file” refers to the file that is created when you save your editing project. So what that is telling you is that you can take your project file and open up it in a separate project as if it was its own video clip for you to use in that separate project.

Interesting. Thanks for the explanation.
I’ll look into that tomorrow, and do some tests to see how it works.

File > Open MLT XML as Clip…

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