Shotcut freezing every single time i do anything?

Every time i do an action in shotcut like moving the node or selecting a clip, the shotcut program freezes for a few seconds. It feels impossible to work like this and i need this fixed. Thanks!

Hi @Beggars
Did you read the FAQ page ?

You might find an answer to your problem there.

If not, come back here and please provide the version of Shotcut you are using and your computer specs: Operating system, amount of RAM etc…
Wouldn’t hurt also to tell us what type of video files you try to edit: 720p, 1080p, 4K ?

The version I used is 21.05.18
My ram is 16.0 GB and my OS is Windows 10 Pro
I couldnt check the type of video file my video is using because for some reason it freezes up then it doesnt even open up settings. I will note its just that specific project that im working on.

I usually edit in proxy mode. Try these settings

I think my project is unrecoverable. I’ll just redo it and use the settings you use in the video. Thanks!

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