Shotcut freezes when starting voice over

Yesterday I upgraded to the latest version of Shotcut 20.04.12. on my Sufrace Laptop with Intel® Core™ i5-7300U CPU @ 2.60Ghz with 8,00 GB RAM. As soon as I tried starting the voice over feature Shotcut would freeze and close down. Never had this issue before. I can provide more info if necessary. Thank you for any assistance. By the way I love this video editing software that I’ve been using for two ears now, thanks to the devs for such great software, I sincerely hope there’s an easy fix to this.

Many thanks for your kind attention
Mike Malagoli

Can you provide the steps you are able to do before it crashes?

I can’t duplicate the issue.

Here are the steps I took.

  1. PNG on V1
  2. Open Other - Audio/Video Device (Video Input: None, Audio Input: Microphone)
    2 a. You’ll get a white screen for the preview.
  3. Export
    3 a. Select WAV under ‘audio’ preset (left side)
    3 b. Capture File shotcut_2020-04-20_19-37-09
    3 c. Name your file
  4. Play your project/Start speaking into the mic
    4 b. Stop Capture shotcut_2020-04-20_19-43-07
  5. Add Audio Track (A1)
  6. Drag from Source viewer to Audio Track (A1)

Shotcut version 20.04.12
Windows 10

I’m new to the Forum.
Shotcut 20.02.17 exhibits the same voice over problem for me also. Have tried v 20.02.17 with the same result. Have gone back further to v 19.12.16 which generally facilitates voice over as described in the various tutorials. Think I will stick with this version for now as this is the feature I really need at this time.
Hope this is of some use for others with the same problem.

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