Shotcut freezes trying to apply shake to transparent PNG

This is what I do currently:

  1. Import video into track (V1).
  2. Create new video track (V2).
  3. Put transparent PNG into V2.
  4. Apply filter Size, position & Rotate.
  5. Try to adjust the size with the handlers doesn’t work, touching the inputs to enter manual values freezes the app. Applying twice the filter, one for size and position and one for shake kind of work, but is has problems of its own: it moves the original PNG and its almost imposible trying to adjust anything in the filter.

Running Shotcut version 21.02.27, Win 10 Pro, Ryzen 5 2400G with 16 GB RAM.

Any ideas? :disappointed_relieved:

I reproduce a problem only after trying to change the filter after applying a shake preset. Is that what you are saying? When I simply add the filter and change size and position it is working fine.


Thanks for answering. Yes, when I apply the filter without the preset it works fine; as soon as you add the preset and try to edit it, it goes bonkers. Even when I apply the filter to change size and pos first, and then another filter for the preset it kinda works, but still shows erratic behavior.

Thanks in advance.

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This is fixed for the next version 21.04