Shotcut forum App (Edge-Windows App Store)

Yesterday, by chance, I found in my Edge browser, a notification to install the Shotcut Forum app (it is a Windows App Store app).
Has anyone tried it? What advantages does it have over the browser?

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I use the app for Chrome; I assume it is nearly the same.

For me, the app has two advantages:

  • Reduced memory use
  • Convenience

Just now I closed Chrome and went from 20 of 2) GB used, to under 17 GB, which could save me from an “Out of memory” Shotcut warning (or crash). Chrome is actually running, but all of the now-saved tabs are suspended and using no resources.

Convenience - I keep the app always open, which is why I am now here a lot; newbies have problems, I do my best. (I am not better at answering their questions, far from it.) With the app, I see the all of the Forum activity in realtime.

Thank you for your response. :+1:
I assume the app on Edge is the same as Chrome, I don’t use Chrome so I don’t know.
On Ubuntu, I use the Firefox web browser, but I couldn’t find anything similar for Firefox.

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