Shotcut (flatpak) windows decoration missing on Wayland

Hello everybody.
I installed shotcut via flatpak on PopOs 19.10 (gnome 3.34.2). The installation process, after downloading some runtimes, went well without obvious problems. Once I launched the application, however, I encountered the following problem: the window decoration is not displayed correctly. The maximize, minimize, close buttons are missing. The full screen display doesn’t work and the window can’t be resized. What’s worse is that the various bars that can be “detached and repositioned” typical of kde plasma, once “detached” from the main window are not manageable because they miss the decoration and can no longer be reattached.

This is all happening using Wayland. Ending the session and returning to Xorg everything works perfectly.

Unfortunately I only started using flatpaks these days and I have no idea if and how it is possible to run software on Wayland in x11 compatible mode.

Does anyone have any idea? I’d prefer to keep using Wayland, not only because it’s more modern but especially because of the great support for multitouch gestures (macOs level by the way), something that xorg is not even remotely able to replicate.

I fixed it:

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surely you are far more skilled than I am, but couldn’t you get a similar result with:


instead of the couple:


thank you so much for your help

socket=x11 is for compatibility with older versions and nosocket=wayland documents the fact, that wayland is explicitly disabled and not simply forgotten.

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