Shotcut filter to ffmpeg command

I have a settings preset to correct my FPV camera recordings which requires some lens correction. Now I’m trying to automate some post-processing to all my files and I wonder if there’s any equivalent ffmpeg command to apply the same settings.

Is this possible?

Shotcut uses the frei0r lenscorrection filter. It can be accessed through FFmpeg as shown in the first StackExchange answer below. It’s easier to use the method shown in the FFmpeg documentation link… it is not necessary to use filter_complex.

ffmpeg -i Input.mp4 -filter:v frei0r=filter_name=lenscorrection:filter_params=val|val|val|val|val Output.mp4

Documentation for the lenscorrection values are at:

Thanks for your quick answer. I found the option in the ffmpeg documentation but I wasn’t sure how the values in shotcut filter options mapped with the ones in the command.

But now, seeing the answer in SO it looks pretty straightforward.


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