Shotcut fails to export video on linux

Installed Shotcut latest Linux AppImage. Export Video did nothing, the job in the right pane remained at 0%

I got the source (git), compiled, built and AppImage, tried again. Same results.

After much digging I found that to export, shotcut starts melt using nice.
The relevant code is in meltjob.cpp line 111:

QProcess::start("/usr/bin/nice", args);

Except that in my distro (PCLinuxOS) nice is in /bin. Symlinking

cd /usr/bin ; ln -sf /bin/nice

Solved the problem.

However, I think it makes more sense to let the system figure out where nice is. I changed that line to

QProcess::start(“nice”, args);

and verified that it works (with and without the symlink).

This is fixed for the next version 19.12. Thank you for reporting it.