Shotcut fails at opening


I have a problem when i want to open Shotcut: it shows me a window that tells me my video driver lacks OpenGL 2.0.

-> Screenshot <-

My driver is a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960M and it is up to date, i checked.
It tells me to check if 3 documents are in my Shotcut directory. I opened it, i searched for their names, and i found them.
Shotcut used to work on my computer, and i see no reason why it would stop working today.
So i have no idea of what may cause my problem and of how i could solve it. help please!

Maybe try a clean reinstall?

What is a “clean” reinstall?

When you reinstall/update SC you get the option to clean up the previous installation.

it doesn’t work :confused: :confused:

You can try deleting the config files/folders

and also clearing the registry during reinstall:

Also try the portable shotcut version.

Hello, ty for your answers. My problem is solved, it all came from my graphic card drivers that were not update, even though it said it was. After long searches, i finally did the manipulation of going on the NVIDIA website and download the latest driver manually.