Shotcut exports a video with only the audio data when I change DNxHD resolution

When I change the resolution for a video to output, the video still takes a long time to export but the file size is very small (5 MB, expected a few hundred MB) and of course no video is shown during playback but the audio is played. Incidentally, the ‘disable video’ box is NOT checked.

I don’t know whether it’s relevant but I have crop, stabilize and size & position filters applied.

Version 17.06.01, Win 10 Professional

Which part are you calling the bug and can you describe the steps to reliably repeat it?

The bug is that the exported file should have moving pictures which constitute a video but it only has sound.

The steps to reproduce are:

Open Shotcut.
Open a video file.
Select DNxHD (atsc_1080p_25).
Change the video resolution to 1315 x 795.
Hit ‘Export file’.
Enter a file name.
Hit ‘Save’.

The file produced is not a working video and includes only sound. If you select DNxHD (atsc_1080p_25) again then it resets the video resolution and the bug disappears.

Your steps to reproduce do not include the filters you have applied.
Have you disabled the filters and tried?

The filters are not part of the bug. it happens without the filters, with just the steps I listed.

You changed the resolution, but DNxHD only supports fixed resolutions. We used to lock down this part of the UI when choosing some presets like this, but someone asked us to not do that, and there was a good reason… I am not recalling at the moment.

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Oh, right, thanks. Maybe a warning could be given to the user that this is happening?

I don’t suppose you happen to know an alternative output codec which is supported by Shotcut and will be edit-friendly (i.e. not compressed?) like DNxHD but will allow the resolution to be changed?

If you want something similar - slightly compressed but so-called visually lossless - then ProRes is a good choice especially if you need another tool to read it. Otherwise, if you ample disk space, look at the lossless category of presets.

With that said, I tested your resolution with ProRes, and in the log it complains “frame width needs to be multiple of 2.” I think a lot of codecs will give that complaint. For example:
[libx264 @ 00000000055bbf60] width not divisible by 2 (1315x795)

FFV1 has no problem with it.

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