Shotcut exporting suddenly extremely slow

I have been using Shotcut for 2 weeks and have had no issues, but today I edited a video and it has been exporting at excruciatingly slow speeds. The video is 3 minutes long and is stuck at 2% after 5 minutes on an i3 6100. This issue has popped up before one evening but worked fine after restarting the PC, however, right now I have restarted 3 times and the speeds haven’t gotten any better. The video has multiple tracks but I have had similar videos render quickly.


Try to duplicate the mtl file.
Then open the copy.
Erase the files at the start (around 2% of your projet should be around 4-5sec) and see if export is ok now.
Try to re add this files and export again.

PS : Try to launch as admin before export. It had helped me on some windows version of the program.