Shotcut Exporting problem

Everytime I try to export i get msg on the side that says failed
Under jobs where the percentage is when you’re exporting it always says failed. No explanation. No matter what I call it always FAILS. Please help me…

Someguynotayt, what sort of information do you think would be useful for you to to give us so that we can give you better help?
Simply saying something ‘fails’ gives us nothing at all.

instead of the percentage it says failed

You haven’t told us anything other than it’s failed. Do you think we’re mind readers?

Examples which can help us:
Which version of Shotcut?
Which OS and version?
Does you computer satisfy minimum requirements as outlined? HERE
What are your Shotcut import settings?
What are your Shotcut application settings?
What is the file type you are importing?
What filters have your used?
What are your output settings?
Which security software are you using?