Shotcut Exporting as MLT File Rather Than MP4

Hello. I used Shotcut in the past and figured it out then. Coming back to it, I am having difficulty recalling some things.

Every time I export a project, it exports as an MLT file, not as an MP4 or AVI file. My version of Shotcut is up to date, although it seems to be missing some features that it used to have in the export process.

Can anyone help with this?


Sounds like you are either going to the File menu and hitting Save or hitting Save on the list of buttons rather than hitting the Export button which is the last button to the right on that list.

When you hit File - Save (or Save As) this gets you the MLT project file.

Click the Export icon at the top.
Make sure you have your export extension (MP4, AVI, etc…)

Screenshots taking from Shotcut version 18.09.16

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