Shotcut export not working| /usr/bin/nice: « /usr/bin/qmelt » not found


while trying to export my video I got the following error:
/usr/bin/nice: « /usr/bin/qmelt »: no such file/directory
I use fedora28 and will probably update in a short while to fedora29
I installed Shotcut using the sudo dnf install shotcut command
I did not find a clear solution on google, however I figured out how to kinda fix it and I want to post the way so other people may find this post:
Download the portable tar file from the website, unpack the archive and go in to the folder. There is a folder in there called bin, copy the files in it to /usr/bin/ and now the error should no longer occur.

Hope this was helpfull for some of you, and maybe the shotcut developers can fix this “kinda” bug?

You’ve come to the wrong place. We do not support that package. We only support the packages that can be downloaded from the official website. You should contact the maintainer of the package for Fedora.

You can also tell the packager that Shotcut depends on WebVfx, which is what provides qmelt and the HTML-based filters.

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