Shotcut export is a black screen

I used Hitfilm, VSDC, Adobe premier pro and now I using Shotcut, from all of them I think Shotcut is the easiest to one use and am very happy with that. I made my first video without any problem my second one is a bit longer about 8 minutes everything went good but when I exported it it became pixelated in many areas i tried to make some changes settings but to no avail, I changed setting using advance and change the quality to 100% but a black screen came out I changed again lowering to 75% with the same result so I re-set the settings expecting that it was going to be pixelated again but it was a black screen.-
Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong or what settings to use?

Did you pick “Use hardware encoder” in the export menu?

This puts the H.264 encoder (x264) into a special mode where it creates a lossless profile H.264 that most video players do not accept. Whenever you report an issue about what you see from Export, you must specify what player you are using and also try to open it in Shotcut and report about that. Now, this does not explain why you continued to have a problem after lowering the quality level. You should view the export job’s log.

No, I tried but the system did nit find any

Thank you very much for your answers.
Black screen and pixelation solved, I reset everything to default then I changed the resolution in video tab in advance from 3840 x 2160 to 1920 x 1080 and I got a smooth, nice video

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