Shotcut errors with video and sound

hi everyone ive been having a problem with shotcut and wanted to know if anyone knew how to fix it or what it could be
ive recently re-downloaded shotcut and when i run it the video is very choppy and the audio plays a little bit right at the beginning then cuts out ive tryed changing my video settings and audio settings but its not working i know its not my pc because ive had it running perfect on the highest settings before if anyone has any ideas pleas let me know

You haven’t really told us much except you’re having problems. We need to know more specifics about what’s going on. Please read this post to know what will help us, help you. Requesting Support

ok sorry about that i diddent thik about that ive tryed with and without gpu its on now tho video is hd 720p 50 fpf display is automatic im using win 10 processor is intel i7-2600 4 cores 8 local processors 3.40Hz and 3401Mhz 16GB ram amount available unknown cant be much lower pc just got completely reset and installed extension type mp4 res 1920x1080 bitrate unknown exsport is a new drive where shortcut is installed plenty of space res 1920x1080 rest
unknown shotcut also uses about 40% of my cpu