Shotcut Duplicating video

I got shotcut a couple weeks ago, and I absolutely love it. 1080p and not have to buy anything. There is one thing that has been happening to me, which is making it harder for me to edit my videos. Every time I open a file and try to cut sections out, shotcut automatically duplicates the video. I’ve tried so many times to figure a way around this and nothing has worked for me. If this could be fixed that would be amazing. I don’t wanna have to go searching for hours trying to find another free editing software

There’s nothing to fix, the problem is of your own making - but you are yet to understand this :slight_smile:

First please list the steps you are taking

I open the video I want to edit. After it’s in shotcut I bring it to the timeline, whenever I use the tool to cut sections, I usually start out with the beginning of the video, I click the tool once and it duplicates the video, I tried deleting the part that was duplicated and when I try it again it adds it again and again.

Which tool?

Slicing a video on the timeline requires the Playhead to be at the point/position you want to slice, then press ‘S’…