Shotcut drive capacity warning

17.12.03 version is warning me that I only have 41Gb of space available on the drive when exporting an edited short clip of which the source file is only 115Mb in the first place.
This seems unnecessary.
Is this warning too soon do you think?

EDIT: The exported file is 31Mb

I agree.
Without doing something very complicated, the ability to set in each installation the alert size could be a good solution…

Checking ‘Do not show this anymore’ does not prevent this dialog from showing next time.

I received the notification on first load as well but the drive it happened to me on had only 2GB left so seemed like a reasonable warning.

In contrast to Steve’s report, the dialog has not popped up again since telling it to not show anymore.

I too had this with v19.04.

Shotcut created a 18Mb file on a disk with 42Gb free space, and the original file being processed was 240Mb.

The warning seems a bit extreme.

That said, apart from initial surprise, it’s not a real issue.

Shotcut does not try to predict the output size of the file it is writing (could be export, reverse, convert, etc.). With that said, even if the new file will fit, if the drive is low on space, it is not a good idea to keep using it. This was added directly in response to people complaining that there hard drive was filled by Shotcut. I am not changing it at this time to be smarter or configurable as there is more important stuff.