Shotcut Doesn't Work

I’ve tried everything to get this program to work. My computer is well within the system requirements to run Shotcut, and is running the latest version of Windows 10. Whenever I try to open Shotcut the loading screen pops up, but it’s oddly distorted. When you click on it it stops responding and just never opens. It doesn’t crash or anything it just stays stuck like that indefinitely. I left it like that for an hour and nothing changed. I tried downloading the 64 and 32 bit versions, still the same. I tried the installer’s suggestion to fix crashes, still the same. I would just like to know what’s happening and how to fix it if possible.

Reboot computer

Try to reinstall once win64 version.
While install, cut the antivirus.

Tick the clean registry option.

Try to launch it with AntiVirus off too.
Still the same?

Try to launch it as admin

PS : Don’t forget to put the AV ON again…

Shotcut doesn’t like something about your computer.
It could be a conflict with other software running in the background, it could be something in memory, it could be a Windows update which requires a reboot to apply and so on. Do as Keno40 suggests and try again.
If you still have problems, then you may have one of the rare instances of a PC that isn’t suitable.