Shotcut doesn't work for me

I can’t add videos to my projekts. I don’t know what happend, just that one day when i tried to edit a video I couldn’t add it to the projekt. I have a windows 10 on my computer and I think i have the latest version of shotcut.
Please help I don’t want to learn a new video editor because I really liked shotcut.
I also have a quick question. What is the difference between the free version and the version that costs money?

Can you provide more detail on this? What specifically is Shotcut showing? Can you provide a screenshot?

My best guess is you may be trying to bring a file to the timeline, not realizing you’re actually attempting to drag a file into the keyframes window.


If this is the case, just click on Timeline at the top of the window.

There is no difference - they are the same. It is just 2 different ways the developers monetize Shotcut, either by purchase, or (for the free version) by advertizing on the website.

Yea that’s exactly what happened. I’m just dumb af. My friend helped me about 30mins after I posted it but thanks for taking your time to try and help me :).

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