Shotcut Doesn't Fully Recongize When Switching From The Filters Tab To The List of Filters

I have noticed that when I select a filter like size and position and set values to it if I then switch from that tab to the page with the list of filters so that I can add a new filter and I start using the scroll wheel on the mouse Shotcut will both go up and down the list of filters but also start changing the values on the filter that was set. This ends up messing up the values I have set and I have to redo my work for that filter.

Sometimes this doesn’t happen so I haven’t specified exactly what the step is that opens it up to having the scroll wheel being used on the page with the list of filters also effecting the filters tab with the values but I wanted to report this because the new Shotcut version is coming so maybe this can get fixed for it. It has happened enough times for me to take note.

I’m using version 18.08.14 on Windows 10.

I just fixed this for the next release v18.09.

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