Shotcut.desktop won't open on Ubuntu 20.04

The title says it all. I’ve downloaded shotcut-linux-x86_64-200711.txz and extracted it. I’ve also tried downloading the AppImage version and the app image itself couldn’t start. I think it’s a problem with my machine but I’m not sure. If this is a fixable problem, please let me know. Thanks!

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Shotcut.desktop won’t open on Ubuntu 20.04

GNOME Shell made changes that breaks the relative path hack used in the .desktop file. I think they do not want people to use uninstalled software/portable app bundles. Use instead (but NOT

the AppImage version and the app image itself couldn’t start

It works for me. Maybe you need to right click it, choose Properties, and set it Executable.


Ah ok thanks I got it working now. I wasn’t able to get it to open with the GUI but I was able to open it through terminal by running:
user@host:~$ sudo apt install shotcut
user@host:~$ shotcut

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