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I trim a video in Shotcut and exported it with the default confiuration. I recognized that during the export process meta info were delete. For me the meta info when the medium were created is very useful. I made video with my GoPro and would like ti trim the videos. In that scenario I want to held the original creation date. Then I have the videos still in the right order.
Is there any possibility to retain meta info of the original video?

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Shotcut doesn’t change any of your original source material.
The exported copy is a new file creation, therefore new metadata.

I’ve use this video clip probably a couple hundred times learning Shotcut, exporting to all different types of various file names.
Dates look weird right? Hard drive failure on 8/10/18.

Your best bet is to start a system of either folder/sub folder organization, or at least file create dates, then description in the file name.

Sorry my descrition causes missunderstanding. Of course Shotcut deletes nothing from the original file.

I am talking about the exported new file, which is trimed from a longer video. This new file did not held the original creation date. Of course this is a new file, so there should be a new creatiion date. But there are addition meta info like source->creation date. You can see it under details when you are using windows. That date is held and copied to the new trimed file, when I use the simple windows photo app to trim videos.
I would like to have this information in the new trimed video also. Is that somehow possible with Shotcut?

Thanks for the tip to copy the creation date first of all in the filename. That is of course a good plan B.

Thanks for any reply!

Shotcut is a lot more versatile than you may know.
If you’re working with all different dates from clips, various sizes, aspect ratios, how would any software package that all into the metadata?

I don’t think it’s possible with Shotcut. Perhaps with some Scripting in the here, but others may be able to help out with this, as I have not tried anything with scripting.
It would be no different than naming your export with a date in the file name.


Yes you are right. I could just change my “post processing” by renaming the videos first and then trim it. Thanks a lot for giving me that hint :slight_smile:

This might be overkill, but perhaps you can develop your own method.
(Not my video)

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