Shotcut crashing with variable rate video - SOLVED

I’ve previously reported months ago a problem with variable rate video and Shotcut not handling it well on my Windows 11 desktop PC - becoming completely unusable by grinding to a halt, for example - but it handling it perfectly fine on my very old laptop that is still running windows 10. This morning it got worse when it just crashed after loading a variable rate video in after coming up with the prompt screen to convert to fixed rate format. Both my windows 10 laptop and windows 11 desktop are using the same, up-to-date version of shotcut.

From reading a previous post it suggested using Handbrake to convert to fixed rate first. I already have handbrake from a few years ago but have not ever actually got round to using it. However, the first thing it did was advise me to update Handbrake. Having done that, the next thing it told me I had to update was DotNet, which I did. Out of curiosity, having done that, I tested the same video that had crashed the latest version of Shotcut this morning by loading it straight into Shotcut the same way, without converting it via Handbrake first. Lo-and-behold, Shotcut is now working perfectly with variable rate video, just the same as my old laptop. So it now appears that the problem was caused by an old version of DotNet on my desktop PC that Shotcut did not appear to have picked up on - not checking version Number, maybe? I wonder if this might explain other people’s crashes as well.

Mike Hersee

I wasn’t aware that Shotcut used .NET, since it uses Qt for its GUI.

Well, I don’t know how it works internally, but it was the fact that handbrake uses dotnet and it does file conversion that made me wonder if there was some dependency on dotnet within shortcut for file conversion, which prompted me to try it. All I can say is that for the last six months or so I’ve had a problem with shotcut not handling variable frame rate files in a usable manner on my desktop PC and installing the update to DotNet seems to have made the problem magically vanish

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