Shotcut crashing whenever I open a project

I am currently running windows 11 (unfortunately)

I am running the latest version
Every time I attempt to load any project that I have been working on the program immediately stops responding. All of the necessary files are present and all was working fine when I last used the program so I’m not sure what the problem might be.

I’ve added a log but I am not sure it may be the correct one
log.txt (34.0 KB)

From your log.txt file:
Application> install dir = "C:/Users/dawes/Music/Shotcut"

Have you tried installing Shotcut in the programs folder?

Duplicate of with the same answer

Also, you only mentioned “load any project that I have been working on,” but you did not say what does work. Does it start up ok? Does it simply open an audio or video file and play it? Are you loading a project by double-clicking the project file in Explorer or from within Shotcut?

Apologies for the late reply I have installing shotcut in the programs folder which I helped somewhat. Shotcut now no longer stops responding instantly but whenever I try to interact with it, it goes through a process of not responding for about 10 seconds, seemingly returning to normal, and then not responding whenever I try to interact with it again.

Task manager says cpu and “memory” usage it minimal. I have tried loading my projects from shotcut (which opens fine) and from double clicking the project file itself, I have also tried deleting shotcut from the registry as recommended and uninstalling and reinstalling but the problem remains the same.

Thanks man, appreciate all the help I’ve been getting the past 17 days it’s not like I need my project or anything. I will 100% percent recommend this faultless and user friendly software to my friends.

For a free program I got exactly what I paid for!