Shotcut crashing when dragging a video to the timeline

Whenever I drag any video into the timeline, Shotcut says im on low memory and just crashes (including ones that previously worked). My settings are always default (even when all the videos worked) and i’ve reinstalled Shotcut quite a few times already. I have the newest version of Shotcut (20.11.28) and here is a clip of Shotcut crashing. How can I get higher memory?

Im using a Windows 10 64bit computer

How much RAM do you have on your computer?
What is the resolution of your projects?
Are you using Preview Scaling and Proxy?

I have 4GB RAM (3.86GB Available)
Resolution shouldn’t matter because i changed it to the lowest a couple of times (I usually keep it on automatic)
I tried proxy and preview scaling as seen on the same problem from different people
Since you should have atleast 4GB RAM, does it matter if you’re missing 0.14GB RAM?

@LionOnFire The thing is not the entirety of 3.86 gb is available to shotcut, as the os eats up quite a lot of it, esp. if it’s Windows.

Try upgrading your ram by adding another 4gb stick, as dual channel ram should help.

If not possible with your pc, try installing Linux, say Ubuntu, linux eats a lot less resources in the background.

Otherwise, open task manager by pressing windows+X on desktop and pressing T, and go to startup (not background processes) and disable all except the audio and antivirus software. Check if this helps.

Thank you.

Hey LionOnFire,
This might be a problem in your computer whether you have laptop or desktop or the problem is that you didn’t created a project but once try the given video in my dropbox and if it helps give a subscribe to my YouTube channel to make me realize that I have helped You.
First I made this video in my 32gb ram desktop but after reading some other comments I realized that you have 4gb ram in your computer so I frequently got a 4gb laptop for your query and made this video again in my 4gb laptop.

Video link* :-

YouTube channel link :-

From Arpit Dutt,
With The Greetings Of “Merry Christmas” :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

Mr. Somenath,

Adding 4gb stick doesn’t matter because you can do video editing in shotcut with just 4gb ram I even made my video with 4gb ram laptop with 512gb SSD. But at one point you are right pressing windows+X key and closing unused background programs could help but it is hard to know which program is of system and which program is eating space if someone is not a pro. So You should also try for proxy Editing. Many tutorials are available online on proxy editing.

With some suggestions from Arpit Dutt,
Sorry from advance if it hurt you.

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@Ar_D read my comment again😂

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Sir actually you are also right but the problem is that he has to spend much money in the internet and also wait several hours to be other OS downloaded in his computer.

Actually first he should create a project then drag videos.

I think he is just starting video editing now so he has to watch tons of tutorials.

An reply by an computer expert

Or he is already a pro in video editing and using shotcut for first time.

I actually had this problem when I first started shotcut in my laptop then I remembered that I have to create a project in shotcut.

Actually ram is a temporary memory storage so if you close all other programs it should work more powerfully. But missing 0.14gb is just usage of windows so it takes that much ram.

Hi, i have same problem of LionOnFire, my Shotcut crashing, i have 8 gb of ram, I also heard of another person who has the same problem with Shotcut. I tried to open the project directly from activity, it asked me to repair the project, then it gave me the invalid message, the shotcut have problems with saving mlt files, when i open the mlt file , it ask me repair file, after have fixed , it turns out invalid, moreover shotcut occupies more than 5 gb of ram, this is a bug

Creating a new project also results in a crash.
Also I have tried closing other programs before and the same thing happened just without saying I have low available memory.

Its hard to know exactly what is the problem with the limited knowledge you included but here are some suggestions you can try:
Check if you are using the latest version of Shotcut.
Try to open different file types and if one works check to see how it is different to the others.
Try different settings.
Use preview scaling or proxy.
Close all other programs.
Delete anything that is not needed and takes up a lot of storage.
If all of those dont work use a different computer.

try to reinstall shotcut

my missing memory is even more than your whole ram. that is My missing memory is 4.1gb.

i have using the preview scaling

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