Shotcut crashes while opening project

What is your operating system?
Win10 64bit

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?
20.07.11 64 bit

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
Shotcut crashes while loading my project. My GPU usage goes up to 100 percent according to the taskmanager and immediately crashes.

I saw a suggestions somewhere to add Open the MLT XML as a Clip and thats the error massage i got:
The decimal point of the MLT XML file you want to open is incompatible.

I clicked it should open it anyways and it crashed in the same manner.

I have a RTX 2070 Super so horsepower shouldn’t be the issue.

I attachted both my mlt and the log as an txt.

shotcutlog.txt (31.2 KB) cs.mlt (47.1 KB)

From your cs.mlt XML: property name="mlt_service">movit.rect</property>

This means your project was created with GPU Effects enabled, which is not supported. (It is available for experimentation, but do not report a bug about it unless you are developer and have a code patch.) Yet, the log shows [Debug ] <ShotcutSettings::log> GPU processing false that you have GPU Effects disabled. Normally, this situation shows a warning dialog telling you need to turn it on to load this project.

Also, title="Shotcut version 18.05.08" the project was created with an old version that wrote locale-senstive numeric strings (your warning about the decimal point). This was changed a year ago.

If you really need to open this old project, you can try turning on GPU Effects using the gpu key mentioned in the configuration docs

Yeah thanks for your reply. I havn’t used shotcut for some time that’s why I had the old version. Turning on GPU Effects using the key worked and the project started right up but the effects still won’t work as GPU effects. I guess I’ll have to rebuild the project as there is no way of converting the project into a project without GPU effects.
But thanks anyways for the quick response.

Keep up your good work! :slight_smile:

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