Shotcut crashes when using certain types of keyframes

Windows 11.
Some types of keyframes, such as “Ease Back, Ease Elastic”, can produce a value outside the range of some filters, such as “No Sync”, and if you try to reproduce this area, the program will crash.

This is fixed for the next release for No Sync. Let me know if you notice any other filters with similar problems.

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Audio filter “balance”. The bar goes out of range. It doesn’t cause any problems, it just doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing.

Blur: Exponential and Blur: Low Pass. When the filter value is outside the acceptable range, the image turns black.

Other than No Sync, I haven’t found any filters that will cause shotcut to crash. Some filters may distort colors or images, but this is not critical and does not lead to failures.

For the next release I have modified the slider control so that it won’t overflow and it turns red if the keyframes are causing it to go out of range. This should help a little bit.

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Keyframes crashes with the Size/Position filter in version 23.12.15.

Not enough info. Unable to reproduce here. You need to provide exact steps.