Shotcut crashes when the second keyframe control circle is dragged beyond the beginning of a clip. It only happens with Position and Size filter using the Simple keyframe

Shotcut crashes immidiately after I drag the right keyframe control circle beyond the beginning of a clip. The precise cursor location it crashes is a few dozens of pixels left of the 00:00:00:00 mark of a clip.

Some notes:
a) Only tested in Windows 7 SP1 64bit
b) This happens in both Shotcut Windonws 64bit and 32bit versions.
c) This happens on two PCs of mine with different CPUs.
d) This happens in Shotcut version 18.08.14, 18.07.02, 18.06.02, and 18.05.08 but not in 18.03.06, which doesn’t have keyframes to begin with.

e) This happens only when Position and Size filter is applied. It doesn’t happen when any other filter is applied.
f) This doesn’t happen when I use the Advanced Keyframe. However much I drag the keyframe control beyond the beginning and end of a clip, Shotcut doesn’t crash.
g) This doesn’t happen when I move the contol circle up and down beyond the keyframe pane boarders.

I reported on something very similar in a recent post in my previous thread where I reported about the drag handles causing crashes:

Most of what I initially reported were thankfully fixed in the August build but there are still some bugs as I mention in the post that I directly linked to above. I don’t remember though if it only happens with the Size and Position filter.

I also suggested in that post if it could be programmed that if the drag handles are taken all the way to the other side that they are still able to be dragged back because currently if you take it all the way to the other side then there is no way to drag it back.

I fixed this for the next version 18.09. It is a general fix for simple keyframes that prevents dragging them beyond the left or right edges.

Thank you. I’m looking forward to the next version. I’ll mark this thread solved for now.