Shotcut crashes when opening file

I worked on a project all day. Saved it every 1 or 2 min. When I tried to export it, it said something about disk space not sufficient. (I have plenty of space available on my HDD) and then it crashed.
When trying to reopen it, it loads and crashes. All my other files are good, just this one.

Trying to troubleshoot it, I installed the new version release 9/14/19. The problem is still present.

Can you assist?


log fill attached

Maybe if you upload the project file.

shotcut-log.txt (26.3 KB)

Sorry for that!

The log is not helping. I would need the project file.

Rental guide.mlt (279.1 KB)

Hi! Here it is. Thanks!

Your project includes itself creating an infinite loop. Shotcut tries to prevent you from doing that but somehow you circumvented the checks. If you recall how, please share so I can close that loophole. I modified your project to remove it.
Rental guide - fixed.mlt (278.3 KB)

The best customer service I have ever seen so far and it is free … THANKS a lot!

The only thing different that happened on this video:

  • First I clicked on Youtube to export file.
  • Second it showed me a message saying the disk space is insufficient
    ==> I cliked Yes to continue. I noticed today that it did that for other small videos. I also saw on other threads that this was not a big deal.
  • Then, I saw the job started in the “job” window. An orange icon appeared on it and I have no idea why. I do remember that the computer was really slow. I had 4-5 chrome windows completely blocked.
  • After that, I cancelled the job, hoping to be able to close the chrome windows and let Shotcut do his thing.
  • Finally, I opened Task Manager and stopped everything.

I believe I have damaged the file at that time? I don’t know if the sudden blockage of my computer happened because of Chrome or because of shotcut …

Hope this helps?

Thanks again, I am very grateful for the help and for your time.

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It depends. It is not a smart check; it is difficult to predict the size of the output file as there are so many variables. Currently, it checks if your disk has less than 50 GB of free space and gives the warning. I think most people will not create a file that large in export, but it is very possible. I reduced this threshold to 25 GB for the next version.

Shotcut is very intensive especially export. It can crash some computers that are not properly cooled. Sounds like you may have run out of memory. One way to reduce memory prior to export is close other applications, close Shotcut, reopen the project, then export.

Great feedback! Thanks again

The next version 19.10 includes a fix to prevent crash in this situation and to repair the project by marking the playlist or timeline item including itself as invalid.

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