Shotcut crashes when opening a video file

Shotcut crashes while opening a video file. Brand new laptop. I’ve tried restarting and different video files.

Shotcut version 22.04.25, first time installing on this laptop.

Microsoft Windows 11 Home
Version 10.0.22000 Build 22000
HP Laptop 14-dq2xxx
x64-based PC
Processor 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i3-1125G4 @ 2.00GHz, 2001 Mhz, 4 Cores, 8 Logical Processors
log.txt (33.0 KB)

I am unable to reproduce, obviously. There are hundreds of thousands of people successfully using Shotcut. It is not going to work for some people, but we do not know why as every system is different and developers do not have access to them. I do not see anything special or unusual in the log file you shared.

You can try changing Settings > Display Method to OpenGL to see if it helps. You can see if Open Other > Count works. You can try building the code and debugging it yourself.

Your log does not give us any clues about the crash because it is a new log that was created when you re-opened Shotcut to view the log.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open shotcut
  2. Perform the minimal steps to crash
  4. Use Windows explorer to navigate to C:/Users/Jake/AppData/Local/Meltytech/Shotcut/
  5. Find “shotcut-log.txt” in that folder
  6. Upload the log file here

Shotcut crashes while opening a video file.

“ANY” video file or a very specific file? Have you tried to open files from different sources?

FYI, I found a workaround which allows me to successfully import and edit a video. I drag the file directly from a system folder to the editing timeline and it works. Seems the bug is in the “Open file” feature. When I use “Open file” it crashes every time. Hope this helps.

Your version is over a year old now. I suggest that you can test the latest version and see if the problem has been fixed.