Shotcut crashes when loading specific project after new Settings

Hey guys,

I just finished a project and I thought it was the best situation to play around with the settings (GPU processing, openGL directX stuff, etc.) just because at this point my setup needed the most power and I wanted to find the best performance settings for my setup. I saved my project and goofed around. Suddenly shotcut crashes and everytime I try to open my project, the software crashes. Old projects work perfectly fine. I didnt think that shotcut could destroy my project, when its opened for tests.

I tried to…

  • Set settings back as they were
  • update shotcut
  • reinstall shotcut completely

I really need help! I worked on this project for 30 hours and now its all gone. How do I repair my .mlt file?

I hope you guys can help me!

btw Im from Germany so excuse some spelling mistakes.

Upload your project file in a reply, and I will take a look, but there is a good chance I will not reproduce it.

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