Shotcut crashes when I click the timeline

Windows 10 64-bit

Shotcut version 19.12.31

I can open the project file normally. After loading completed I want to start working on the project, but when I click any file in the timeline the program crashes. I also tried to restart my pc and waited for a few hours to be sure it´s not about the heat of my (shitty) pc. I´ve already created some projects, so it can´t be my computer causing the problem.

There has been many versions since the version you have now.
Get the latest version here.

With the latest version 20.07.11 I have completed 3 projects today, all using the timeline.
Didn’t crash once.

Try in order

  1. Reboot the computer and try again
  2. choose in menu View > Layout > Restore Default
  3. Try a different display method in settings
  4. Upgrade
  5. Reinstall and check the checkbox to remove Shotcut settings in registry

Also check your memory usage with the project loaded. Is it nearly all consumed? Does timeline work in a new project?

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