Shotcut crashes when adding to timeline

Hi guys,
i compile shotcut on windows with MinGW. when i try to add a timeline , it crashed. i track down the source code it seems that the consumer wasn’t created correctly when appending the timeline as following code snip:
QString Controller::XML(Service* service)
static const char* propertyName = “string”;
Consumer c(profile(), “xml”, propertyName); // failed here

the code snip where the consumer is created is attached .can someone give me a hand, thanks

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I have a similar experience on Ubuntu 14.04. Really annoying actually. I install via extracting the archive file.
Is there a batch coming or I need to download the previous version at the moment?

If I can give some extra info or provide you with some files then let me know.

If you are trying to compile it yourself, then you should be prepared to debug it yourself. Shotcut requires the MLT xml module, which depends on libxml2. You probably have a broken MLT build.