Shotcut crashes randomly

I’m currently experiencing problems with Shotcut on Version 20.09.27 (also happened on older versions).

This problem just occurs when I’m in middle of editing. I still don’t know why, but when I have worked for hours and the project itself already has many details in it (keyframes, …), it just starts acting weird (deletes filters randomly, keyframes get deleted, …), after a few seconds it crashes. Sometimes the auto-save function helps by recovering from the crash, but otherwise I’ve already had experiences, where the auto-save din’t seem the work, so it’s resetting the project to the second-latest saving-point. Im having this problem on two kinds of processor/pc’s and a fresh windows-installation, such as the reinstallation of the program itself didn’t seem to work either.

Informations, where it’s crashing on:

Dell OptiPlex 9020 Compact Housing
Intel Core i5 4590S 3,00 GHz (max. 3,7 GHz [if Intel Turbo Boost is enabled]) RAM: 8GB DDR3
Intel HD Graphics 4600 2GB 1600 MHz
OS: Windows 10 Pro Build 18363 x64bit

Lenovo IdeaPad 320-17IKB Type 80XM00F1GE
Intel Core i5 7200U 2,5 GHz (max 3,1 GHz [probably Intel Turbo Boost]) RAM: 8GB DDR4
Intel HD Graphics 4600 1600 MHz
NVIDIA GeForce 920MX 2GB
(has two graphic cards)
OS: probably Windows 10 Pro 1803 x64bit

I just wanted to know, if someone can agree to these problems or has solutions to it.

Best regards

Im also currently not aware, if it works with administator-permissions, or an other display-method, because it occurs sometimes and randomly.

And are 8GB of RAM enough for an professional hour-long editing?

I’m not having access to the second-mentioned pc, but I think I’ve also tried to run it on the other graphics card (NVIDIA).

Also for more specifications for the pc, im using currently (they’re a little bit inaccurate):

(look at the bottom of the .pdf file)

8Gb is going to be very light if your project is 4k or has a lot of edits/filters
Window 1803 is going to be a bit dated and an upgrade to 2004 may resolve some underlying os level issues on the driver side
Your problem does sound like a traditional out of memory error, If you make sure your project is saved frequently can you re-launch and finish the project?

It does sound like running low on memory. Shotcut does have some leakage, and that is always an ongoing battle with complex, growing software like this. The next version reduces memory usage when working with video or images much larger than the project (e.g. high megapixel digital photos).

It helps to save and restart periodically. Obviously it helps to close other applications especially web browsers or tabs. Also, certain things naturally incur more memory consumption - e.g. higher resolution and more tracks - and it will never be possible to do whatever you want with only 2GB of memory. I will likely add a free memory monitor inside Shotcut and block further activity with a modal notification dialog or something until memory is made available or choose to save and restart.

Ok, thanks for both of you

Today I found some ways to reduce memory usage, and I hope to do more that will go into the version after the next (next is already in final beta and releasing in a couple of days).
For now, the number of tracks has a big impact, and the less you can use the better it will be.

Just an interesting note, I was editing my news segment for the week and i’m seeing 4.4Gb used with 3 tracks(two have video one extended length still images) after about 30 minutes of shotcut being open and 20min of video on the timeline(total length post cutting) This is a mix of 1080p and 4k sources in a 4k project, I imagine if I only had 8gb of ram in my system it would have turned into a slideshow by now(I have plenty and never thought to look)

Proxy with preview scaling reduces memory usage as well. Export usually uses less memory than an editing session especially in the new version 20.10.31 where export may frequently use less memory than previous 20.x versions (when number of media files exceeds 2 * #tracks). I stated elsewhere and adding here that I will likely add a memory monitor inside Shotcut and display a modal warning dialog with actions when free memory becomes too low.

oh I’m not upset, just following back up on this I’ve got 196Gb myself let it use as much as it can if it speeds anything up!

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