Shotcut crashes on start

Shotcut crashes on start

ver. 18.08.14 (every version I tested crashed)
Windows 10
64 bit

  • reinstalling doesn’t help
  • deleting registry entries doesn’t help

In your local appdata folder there’s also a folder with settings and a little SQLite db. Just search for shotcut under c:\users\username\appdata\local and you will find the folder (sorry, I’m currently not on my computer).
Rename this folder and try again.
Also take a look into the taskmanager if another shotcut.exe process is running. Kill all of them. This happens very often to me.
If nothing helps, try to take a look in your eventlog. Past the application error here, probably it could help the developers to troubleshoot…

Thanks, but I can’t find the folder except the file shotcut-log.txt. There are no other processes running and I don’t know where to find the eventlog.

Look for userprofile\AppData\Local\MeltyTech\Shotcut and rename the entire folder; the shotcut-log.txt is one of the files in that folder.

That file may also contain a hint as to why it’s crashing on start.

Posting the log here could help us identify the problem.

To go to the folder just press windows button+R and enter %LOCALAPPDATA%\Meltytech\Shotcut.
To go to the eventviewer presswindows button+R and enter eventvwr. Then take a look in to the application log.

It’s actually easier this way.
If you can’t see the folder read this article: It shows how to unhide folders. Windows hides the AppData folder by default, you just have to unlock/unhide it once.

The AppData folder is used by many different programs, not just Shotcut.

Renaming it doesn’t help

[Info ] Application::Application Starting Shotcut version 18.08.14
[Info ] Application::Application Windows version 160
[Info ] Application::Application number of logical cores = 8
[Info ] Application::Application locale = QLocale(German, Latin, Germany)
[Info ] Application::Application install dir = “C:/Program Files/Shotcut”
[Info ] Application::Application device pixel ratio = 1
[Debug ] MainWindow::changeTheme begin
[Debug ] MainWindow::changeTheme end
[Debug ] MainWindow::MainWindow begin
[Debug ] Mlt::Controller::Controller begin

Is that all of it? If so, it seems that the code is getting into the constructor for the Mlt::controller class but is not getting out:

There should be a corresponding message that says: “[Debug ] Mlt::Controller::Controller end”

this is a clue, but unfortunately, it doesn’t help me know what is failing exactly.