Shotcut crashes on macOS

Im using Mac with OS Big Sur 11.2.1 version and Shotcut version 21.01.29.

Im having issue recently where Shotcut appeared to be crashed everytime i start editting my project.

Reports sent to Apple each time crashed but there was no prompt to issue report to Shotcut. Perhaps improvement that can be considered by Shotcut for future release.

Is there anyone having the same issue? Appreciate advise or suggestion on how to fix this.

Thank you.

Hi @Zunairah_Hilmi, congrats for your first post,
To be true I don’t use macOS too much but from my experience I noticed that while I was running photoshop in mac I had opened too much programs in the background then my mac ran slow and finally photoshop crashed. So here are some suggestions I know:
1.So check if you have too much apps opened in background and if opened close other programs then use shotcut, then the performance would be increased and shotcut will not crash *(This helps in most cases).
2. If first option didn’t work try to restart your macOS *(This also helps in most cases).
3. If both of them didn’t work try to reinstall shotcut *(Final thing to do if both solutions are not helpful).

If still problem remains capture a screenshot or screen recording of the problem or describe the problem deeper. like how it crashes, how much time it stays opened, etc.

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