Shotcut crashes/hangs on copying color code into clipboard (CTRL+C)


whenever I try to copy color code (field “Color name:”) from the Filter -> Text -> Font color dialogue window into clipboard (CTRL+C), Shotcut gets stucked (hung) …

It then looks like this on my desktop (moving the dialogue around):

using Shotcut version 18.01.02 on Xubuntu 17.10

Shotcut does not provide the code for the color dialog. It calls Qt for that, which may invoke an OS-provided dialog. I reproduced this on Ubuntu 17.10 but not Windows. I have a test build against Qt 5.9.2, and it is working there (different looking dialog as well). So, this will be fixed when we next upgrade Qt.

menu -> help -> about qt says:
“This program uses Qt version 5.6.1.” so it might be it