Shotcut crashes entire computer

So here is the breakdown of what is going on, I am trying to edit a video with 2 timelines (one video one video/audio) and as I use Shotcut throughout the process it seems to be working flawlessly with no apparent issues. The video is very long and requires a lot of cutting down to a more reasonable length. The crash it self is pretty bad as well, when it crashes all of my devices will turn off (mouse, keyboard, monitors, ect) but the computer itself remains on. This is a very unusual crash for me since I’ve never seen my computer do this. My pc specs are listed below I updated the drivers to the current version.

CPU: Ryzen 5 1500x
Ram: 16 GB crucial ballistix sport
GPU: Nvidea 1070
Storage: 500GB M.2 ssd, 4TB WD black hdd

I’ve never experienced this with Shotcut.

I’ve experienced the same crash before. It was a bad SSD. Once I replaced the SSD, I was fine. On a family computer I built, their HDD had faulted, causing system crashes.

Following though to see how you solve this.

This seems unlikely because I would probably experience this issue using other programs other than just Shotcut, but it is possible that my storage may be causing Shotcut to crash for whatever reason. I have tried to edit the content on both my ssd and hdd but same issue occurs. I did try editing the same content on a different pc and it worked with out a problem so it must be something exclusively about my computer that is causing the issue.

@Jerry_Dean, are there other programs running in the background?

Have you used Shotcut successfully on other projects on your computer, or is this your first attempt?

Which version of Shotcut are you using and where did you download it from?

Suggestion: Try downloading the latest version from the official website and try that.

An application is not supposed to crash your operating system on any modern OS that Shotcut runs on. Of course, we do not know what operating system you are using. Maybe your system is over-heating. I am not accepting this as Shotcut bug.

With my experience this can be a ram issue. I replaced a stick of ram in my mate’s pc and it worked fine afterwards. I recommend you run windows memory diagnostic to make sure everything is in check. (warning: it will take at least 3 hours to run)

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