Shotcut crashes after trying to add audio

I have edited my video and removed the original audio. I was about to do a voice-over. I went to the open other, audio, chose none for video, chose my correct mic for my audio, was about to go to export to start the recording (still the strangest setup I’ve ever seen), and the program crashed. Now every time I try to load that file, it crashes. I’ve already had to re-edit this file once because it somehow became unreadable at about midnight, so I’ve been up all night editing so that any help would be appreciated.
Hufflepuffspeedbuild_take4.mlt (9.1 KB)
Going down the required checklist:
I can’t get the Shotcut version number since it won’t stay open, but I remember it saying I had the latest one. Same with the settings or screenshot.
Windows 10 64 bit
Processor Intel i7-9700F 3GHz 8 cores 8 logical
16 GB Installed RAM
7.2 GB Available RAM
Codec/Extension types: .mkv but Shotcut had already processed this file, so it was in .mlt
Resolution: 1920x1080
Frame rate: 30 fps
Bit rate: 2500 kbps
I didn’t get to the export part
I didn’t find this answer in the tutorials or the FAQ. While there are other posts about Shotcut crashing on startup, I didn’t find one related to it coming from trying to add an audio component, which seems to be a direct cause and effect relationship.

Thank you!

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You project references 3 other .mlt files. If one of these has many tracks it can be a problem. It seems most of the work is in Hufflepuffspeedbuild_take3.mlt. Does that open? You could simply add your intro.mlt, hufflepuffend.mp4, and outro.mlt to that project instead.

I’ll try that. But the last time I tried doing a voice over I started experiencing crashes as well. Is this a known bug?

Not generally, but people have frequently reported problems with their device failing to open with Open Other > Audio/Video device. You can also record a voiceover by using Windows built-in Voice Recorder app and pressing play in Shotcut. Then, import the file Recorder created.

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