Shotcut Crashed while dragging clip in the timeline

In the play list there were 11 short video clips (mp4) to be edited.
6 of them already passed the timeline for some editing and exported to the job list.
One was done, the next was in progress, and the rest were waiting.
Grabbed another clip from the playlist to the timeline for some editing.
There was a small gap between the clip and start of the timeline (the ‘magnet’ was on).
So I selected the clip and tried to pull it to the left to close the gap, in not more then 5 seconds program crashed.
Had to start all over again, except the one from the job list which was finished before the crash.
What was wrong ?
Answers will be appreciated.

Shotcut version 22.06.23

Are you exporting and editing other projects at the same time?

Sorry, I do not understand the question.
So I will answer this: When I have several clips to make some editing like cutting out unwanted parts, sometimes adjusting audio volume, I drag them to the playlist.
Then from the playlist one is dragged to the timeline, make the small editing as described, click on export the video file. When it starts in the job list, I remove the clip from the timeline, drag into it the next clip and so on. While I edit a clip in the time line, the others in the job list are being exported / saved one after the other.
Hope I made myself clear.

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