Shotcut Crash while applying text

Trying to apply text on a video clip:
From the playlist dragged the clip on the timeline, selected the start and end moments when text appears and goes and selected this part. Selected the text filter, selected font type and wrote two words text, selected color. The text was in place on the clip in a rectangle.
Started to drag one corner to resize the text - as started to drag the program crashed, started all over again and again it crashed. On the third try managed to resize the text and when trying to position the text somewhere, it crashed again.
Well, this is the story, Program’s version 18.08.01, OS Win 10 64bit 1709 English.
Any idea what causes the crash(s).
Answers will be appreciated

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Hi Motim,
I’m experiencing text filter problems with 18.08, but only when I try to apply movement by adding keyframes.

This video shows how it’s working for me - as expected.


You may like to try putting your text on a separate track. Looking at my video, the blue clip on V1 is a colour clip (ope>other>color), but it could be your video. On V2 I have added another colour clip (pink) but I’ve added an opacity filter and set it to zero. So the blue colour of the bottom clip shows through.
Next, add a text filter to the top clip. This is a great way of adding text because you can the slide the text clip to where you want the text to appear. And/or resize it as necessary to alter the duration of the text.

If your text is still crashing, I have no idea why though, but it works OK for me.

Couldn’t get it to crash.
Tried several fonts, resized multiple times.

I just tried this myself and can confirm that this has happened to me as well. I reproduced this with several different clips.

To make Motim’s description clearer in order to understand the bug, the text has to be inside the clip itself not on a separate video track overlaying the video the text is to be on. It has to be all on the same one video track.

So you take the video on the one track, split it at two end points in order to make a clip and on that clip you add the text filter. Change the font type, type a couple of words in the box and change the color. Then resize the box to all different sizes and move it around the screen. Sometimes it crashes with just the resizing and sometimes it takes a little moving around before it crashes but it has done so for me in all of the several attempts.

I am also using Windows 10 64bit, the v18.08 of Shotcut and I have the GPU Effects option off.

I reproduced this. After making the fix for this related issue the problem has gone away. The bug was in some low level rectangle parameter function common to both filters. Fixed for next version 18.09.

Does the fix also cover the bug if the text is placed on a video track above to overlay it like by using a transparent file? It was said in this thread that the bug happens with the text on top of the video track but this happened to me when I used a transparent file to overlay the bottom video track. And I didn’t even need to do all the steps mentioned for the bug to happen. All I needed to do was just go to one of the corners and keep making the text window smaller and bigger a few times rapidly to cause a crash. I have gotten crashes by leaving the text window the same size and just dragging the window all around but curiously I even got a bug effect where after dragging it around a while instead of it crashing the text just froze and would not move even if I dragged the window around. I had to remove the filter and reapply it to get it to work again.

Yes, because as I already said it is related to the rectangle parameter, and your crash occurred when using the rectangle control!