Shotcut crashes when using advanced size and position filter

Shotcut crashes in the following scenario:

  1. Open an image, add to timeline
  2. Select clip
  3. Select size and positon filter
  4. Select advanced keyframes button
  5. Remove keyframe node created at intersection of playhead in the keyframes panel
  6. Try moving playhead or pressing “home”…
  7. Crash.

Does it every time for me. I made a video to show this:

Hope this is useful.

[EDIT] - the important bit (me removing the node) appears right at the bottom of the video screen and may not be clear - sorry.

Shotcut 18.08.01
Windows 10

It’s happening here as well.

This only happens when there is one node to remove. If there are more nodes you can remove them one by one, then when you remove the last remaining node Shotcut crashes.

SC 18.08.01
Win 10 PRO

I fixed this for the next release v18.09.

Crashes every time I select size and position filter, uninstall, reinstalled, still crashes every time. I’m using 18.08.11

Is that when adding a new Size and Position or selecting an existing one? If you downgrade (you should) to 18.08.01 does it work?

Had trouble working on a project. Closed project opened new project. Inserted one photo, put it on timeline, selected photo, selected key frames, went to filter menu, selected “size and position” and crash.

Uninstalled 18.08.11, downgraded to 18.08.01 just now, same thing. exactly as stated above.

Thanks for trying

Sorry, but I have not reproduced it. Is it a problem when using that photo (or one of the same resolution)? Does it fail also when you use a video clip instead of photo? How about a different photo of different size?

I couldn’t duplicate it either.
Version 18.08.01

I went back and changed pics from PNG to JPEG and GIF and neither crashed, huh, go figure. Tried PNG again and crash the moment I selected the “size and position” filter. Well, no more PNG’s, huh.

Also, I am running on Windows 7, would that present a major conflict? I would rather not spend the $100.00 bucks upgrade.

Thanks again.

PNG works fine.

There might be something unique about your PNG files that makes it crash for you while others can use PNG without crashing. Can you share your PNG file so that others can try to use it to reproduce the problem?

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This is the PNG I used, it was converted from a PowerPoint slide, saved as picture, default format for PPT is PNG, the JPEG and GIF I used were also saved from PPT slide, but I selected the format options.


Well, uploaded as a jep, oh well.

I was not able to reproduce the problem using the JPEG you provided even after converting it to PNG using MS Paint. I think only the exact PNG you used is going to help us. Please.

Hey, I’m having the same issues with
SC 21.03.22
I just used a completely black png image and Shotcut won’t stop crashing every time I try to use the Position, Size and Rotate Filter.

You’re using a version that’s almost 2 years old. A new Shotcut version is released almost every month. Click Download above this page, get the new version, see if the problem you are having still happens with the latest version and come back and let us know.