Shotcut crash - Unable to edit project

Hello everybody,

I have been turning this forum upside down and going trough all youtube videos about shotcut, but I’m unable to solve my issue.

Here it goes, Shotcut crashed on me with the insufficient memory error (I understood why by going trough the forum), bun now, the videos on my timeline are all piled up in the player, and my work until now is lost.

Can I recover it in any way? Or I’m just better off with starting all over?

Thank you!

Welcome Johnny!

If you can open the project without crashing you can try to delete about 50 % of the project and store it with project save as, than close Shotcut and open the “unchanged” project again and store the other half with save or save as. Then close Shotcut and reopen the part video project for further editing.

Ideally you split up the video in parts about 10-20 minutes finish this parts and rejoin the part videos with in a master project. If you keep all export video, audio and codec settings the same for all generated videos the potential extra image quality loss by double processing should not be visible at all.

Manually editing and deleting content of the MLT file is tricky an should be avoided.

Thank you for the reply.
That is the thing, my video was about 9 minutes long, but when Shotcut crashed, all my editing, cutting, transitions and so one disappeared. What you see in the player are all the videos that I used to create my video. And, the issue is cannot do anything in the project. What is shown on the player bar is not present anywhere else… (except the playlist).
The timeline is empty. Is there an option to move everything from the player back on the timeline?

Thank you!

It is very unlikely that Shotcut ruins the mlt project file when crashing, I luckily never did experience this on my own.
If you do not find an autosave mlt file beside your project mlt your data is probably lost!

Please post the project mlt file here, so the development team can take a look on it.

It was the firs time when I encountered this issue.
I already started working on the project again, however here is the .mlt file.
Thank you so much!

Sniper team - Corupted.mlt (28.1 KB)

Your project file is not considered corrupted by Shotcut, but it is what is called a playlist-only project. If you created a timeline that is gone now. You can recover an older version of the project from a backup. However, a lot of people do not make backups; so, a recent version added automatic backup in Shotcut. But I see you made your project with version 22.04, which does not include that.

I updated my Shotcut today. So, indeed, somehow the timeline disappeared, probably while it froze, I might of clicked something, or who knows. It is what it is. I will know to make a back-up from time to time.
This is how the project looked before the error. (This is actually the one I’m working on now)/\

Thank you for the support and swift responses. Have a great evening!