Shotcut CPU usage sometimes is 80%+, sometimes 30-40% usage?

For example, today I started encoding a video and CPU usage was over 80%, then I encoded another video and it was around 35%. I see no pattern to this when opening and closing and encoding different videos. I am not doing anything the background.

Please advise how to keep the CPU usage above 80% always.

I have a Ryzen 5600G, GTX1660, Win10.

Another thing, I have parallel processing ticked and use the h264_nvenc codec, hardware encoder ticked but the GPU never gets used. :confused:

Enabling a hardware encoder does not mean that the entire shotcut load will move to the GPU. It is possible to load the GPU to the maximum only in projects that do not use filters at all, or these are gpu filters. At the moment, most filters are processed by the CPU, and the more filters and tracks a project has, the higher the load on the CPU and the lower the GPU will be. And different filters load the processor in different ways. For example, “corner pin” is a much more demanding filter than “mirror”, which is why the load on the processor is different.

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