Shotcut Constantly Not Responding

I’m new to Shotcut. I bought it on the Microsoft Store last month. I’m running version 20.02.17 on Windows 10. I’ve been experiencing a pretty consistent problem where nearly every time I try to do something in Shotcut (today it’s been adding sources to the timeline, split at playhead, and dragging the beginning of the clips to change the split). It will freeze up and say “Not Responding” after every click.

I experienced these issues with my first video I made last month, but I thought that was more to do with my computer and the complexity of the video than the program. Shortly after I finished the video my hard drive did crash (1 TB with about 240 GB of space left, 16 GB RAM). I now have replaced my computer with an HP Spectre x360 with 1 TB storage (currently with 748 GB free) and 16 GB RAM. I’ve had no other tabs open. Google Drive Sync does run occasionally in the background, but it is not currently syncing anything new. I do not have it set to sync the folder my project is in.

This is a brand new laptop (first used this Saturday), running the most recent version of Shotcut. Theoretically, it should be running perfectly, but it is behaving much the same as it was on my old laptop. Can someone try to help me figure out what’s wrong?

Make sure you only have one shotcut.exe running in the Windows Task Manager > Details tab. Reboot to be sure. Otherwise, if you are working with a very long timeline (>1 hour), it is known to be like that. When I say “long timeline” I mean at any point, not just the final size. For instance, if you record something for 2 hours, and then drop it on the timeline to trim it.

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Hi, my shortcut is currently not responding. I only have one shotcut open. My timeline is 30m long and the mp4 I was about to edit was 9minutes long. It is using 2GB of my 4GB ram. Can anyone help me? Cheers.

What type of video are you trying to edit? 4GB ram is very low for something like shotcut and it’s likely you’re relying on system pagefile to compensate which(assuming you have a HDD) is very slow and will tend to make applications non responsive.

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