Shotcut constantly crashes

System: Windows 10
Version: Shotcut version 23.05.14

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?

I have edited an entire video before using various clips from my phone. Now I’m trying to make another video using clips from my camera (way better quality). If I try to add clips in their mp4 form, the video is slow but it works. If I try to convert it to .mov or .mkv and try to add it to the timeline, Shotcut freezes and crashes. Every single time. Sometimes it doesn’t crash immediately, but it crashes when I play the video on the timeline. I tried converting the videos with other programs but the result is the same. Tried uninstalling and installing again, doesn’t work. I’m about to give up and find another video editor unfortunately.

I have 16GB of ram.

It seems that Shotcut or at least this version simply does not work good on your computer, probably a compatibility thing. I can only suggest that you try the previous version 22.12 that is on the downloads page under the Windows 7 heading before giving up and moving onto something else.

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That actually seemed to have worked. At least so far. Thank you!