Shotcut constantly breaking

Hello, I use shotcut most days as I upload a video once a week to my YouTube channel… every single day I use the editor I will get a message that says the editor has stopped working. The problem is this happens every single time I go into the editor and usually happens half an hour - an hour into editing and every time I try and open it back up I’ll start editing again and within a minute it’ll do it again and won’t fix itself for the rest of that day. This is a very good software to use to edit videos but I’m going to have to go elsewhere if this problem keeps occurring as it’s been an issue for months now, does anyone know how to resolve this or why it is happening regularly? Thanks.

Did you download the latest installer version from
Which operating system are you running?
Are your hardware drivers up to date?
Is your PC free of malware?
Which AV software is running?
What other software is running at the same time?

didnt you checked Settings/GPU Processing ON? Are you running latest version?

Im using Shotcut quite often (and my 50 students in my lessons too :wink: ) and sometimes I observe similar issues you described - usually program does strange things (strange behavior on timeline, lagging…) and at the end it stop responds. I think that there is something which triggers these stability problems but so far I didnt find it. The worst thing is that usually if you use automatically repaired project the problems very likely comes again. So according to my experience, the best is to save more versions and if it crashes, just go back to last saved working version. I recommend not tu use dragging clips to timeline (use cutting and pasting instead) because I think this could have something to do with that stability issues but Im not sure.

Good luck with it, hopefully one day these bugs will be identified and solved.

Try the things mentioned in the FAQ especially the different Settings > Display Methods on Windows.

This is happening to me all the time to. I have the latest version installed and it stops working all the time. I came here because it just stopped working for the 7th time in 5 minutes. I CAN’T WORK THIS WAY!!

Shotcut works well on most computers but some computers have problems.
In view of your frequent problems I’d suggest you cut your losses and try something else.

Just thought I’d put 2c worth in here with a “For your information” on my system there was a tool called “ASUS game first”, I have completely removed this tool off of my system now as while I don’t know if it was interfering with anything else it certainly for some reason had an effect on shot cut - there should be no relationship between the two but there was.

ASUS Game first is supposed to prioritize network traffic according to the users wishes so that if you for example playing WoW and doing a download the WoW traffic takes precedence.

In shot cut once I had loaded a video file and pressed play sometimes for no apparent reason playback would stop and the playback window would go black like the rewind button had been pressed, also unless I waited about 60 seconds after loading a clip the playback would jerk and the editing head would become available as well as all the shotcut controls.

So if you are running an ASUS mobo esp a ROG one check for this and pull the damn thing.