Shotcut Cheat Sheet for free from me and promo made in shotcut

You can get the cheat sheet at this link:-

It was very easy to make the video and I did the 3D of the sheet in blender and just some text color grading and arranging.

Sorry, but I’m not giving my email address, or go to the trouble of create a disposable one, just for information I can get in 2 seconds here.

It’s not a bad idea to have a printable version of the keyboard shortcuts, but why not just put your file somewhere like Google Drive and share the link ?


Thanks for reminding me. I actually forgot to link it in drive. But now I have uploaded it in google drive and here is the link:-

To get the full list of keyboard shortcuts, just open Shotcut, and hit ?.
No need to give email or download a PDF for a partial list.

Also located in the Shotcut’s Help menu.

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