Shotcut changing and blurring colors on image

I have the updated version V23.12.15 and I can’t figure out why the purple text in this image comes out blurred in preview, frame export, and video export. I do not have preview scaling on, I have video set to 1080p, and I’ve tried setting the interpolation and deinterlacer to the different settings.

The original image was exported from photoshop, and it is sRGB (I tried other color profiles and changing DPI as well.) I also tried taking a screenshot and using that in shotcut with no improvement.


Shotcut output:

It may be relevant, but I don’t have the option to change the “display method” setting:

Video in Shotcut preview is not RGB; it is subsampled YUV like the way most video is captured and exported. Frame export is based on the preview. You can instead use a video export that is based on RGB such as QuickTime Animation or libx264rgb and then view the export result.

There is no more display method menu item in versions from 2023 and on.

Thank you. QuickTime Animation works. Alternately slight color adjustments progressively lessen the blur.

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